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A question to Health Canada
June 23rd 2021 | Revised June 23rd 2021
A question to Health Canada

TORONTO, June 23, 2021 /CNW/ - Shai Bekman, CEO of DashVapes Inc., Canada's largest independently owned e-cigarette company that produces e-cigarettes, an alternative to smoking, is pushing for answers to the "Youth Vaping Crisis" in August 2019 to early 2020. "Did Health Canada and the government of Canada conduct a criminal investigation into the Youth Vaping Crisis?" he asks. 

DashVapes is sending a letter this week to the Hon. Patty Hajdu, the Federal Minster of Health, Iain Stewart, president of Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), as well as all provincial health ministers across Canada, asking about the status of the criminal investigation into Canada's "Youth Vaping Crisis."

"In Canada, 17 people became ill and 14 were hospitalized in the 'Youth Vaping Crisis.' The job of the Ministry of Health is to protect Canadians. A criminal investigation was warranted," says Mr. Bekman.

Specifically, Mr. Bekman wants to know:

  • What investigation did the government do?
  • How long was the investigation?
  • What were the results of the investigation?
  • How many people were charged?
  • At what stage is the litigation?

"Whoever the perpetrators were, they should be held to account. Otherwise, Health Canada is not doing its job. Is Health Canada allowing bootleggers of THC-based vaping products to get off with impunity?" asks Mr. Bekman.

He points to two important issues of the "vaping crisis":

First, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) uncovered that the "vaping crisis" was caused by people vaping THC-based [cannabis] products, and not nicotine-based products made by DashVapes Inc. The cause of lung-related illness was the addition of vitamin e acetate into THC-based vaping liquid.

"These THC-based products were manufactured by people with not only insufficient knowledge of chemistry but a willful disregard for the health of Canadians in the pursuit of making a fast buck," says Mr. Bekman.

He points to a number of health crises in recent memory, where unknown persons have "freelanced in the food chain" and added toxins to products including pet food (2007) and baby formula (2008).

Second, all vaping got thrown into the same bucket. "DashVapes Inc.—and all responsible Canadian nicotine-based manufacturers—were under instant suspicion for malfeasance after more than a decade of producing quality products in a laboratory setting to exacting standards. That was just wrong," says Mr. Bekman.

SOURCE DashVapes, Inc

For further information: Jana Schilder (PR), jana@janaschilder.com, (416) 831-9154

SOURCE https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/what-is-the-status-of-the-criminal-investigation-into-the-vaping-crisis-dashvapes-shai-bekman-asks-federal-provincial-health-ministers-808107674.html

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