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Canadian Vaping Excise Tax Coming October 1, 2022
August 18th 2022 | Revised September 24th 2023
Canadian Vaping Excise Tax Coming October 1, 2022
What is it?

The Canadian federal government is introducing an excise tax that will require every e-liquid bottle or pre-filled pod sold within Canada to be excise-duty stamped (similar to the excise stickers found on tobacco and cannabis products)

How much is it?

  • $1 per 2mL on the first 10mL of e-liquid (or pod, or disposable) (effectively, $5 on the first 10mL of a bottle)
  • $1 per 10mL above the first 10mL

This effectively adds $7 in tax on a 30mL bottle, $10 in tax on a 60mL bottle, and $16 in tax on a 120mL bottle.

Bottle SizeFederal Excise Tax Per Bottle
30mL+ $7.00
60mL+ $10.00
120mL+ $16.00

When does it start?

Manufacturers will have to start duty-stamping products as of October 1st, 2022. Retailers can sell non-stamped products purchased before October 1st until January 1st. As of January 1st, 2023, all e-liquid sales in Canada must be excise stamped.

Who does it affect?

This will affect every customer that is ordering e-liquid within Canada only. You will not be charged additional taxes if you purchase products from DashVapes for shipping outside Canada.

What if I import products from outside of Canada?

Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Revenue Agency have made it clear that any products shipped into Canada from outside Canada must be duty-stamped or considered not legal for sale or import.

Is it cheaper to smoke?

No. Even with this tax, it is still vastly cheaper to vape. A pack-a-day smoker will spend ~ $126 on cigarettes vs. ~ $30 on e-liquid in the same 1-week period.

What products are affected?

This only affects e-liquid or anything that can be vaped (disposable vapes, pre-filled pod systems such as Juul, STLTH, etc). This also affects D.I.Y products (VG, PG, Flavoring, and Nicotine Base at 20mg/mL when sold for vaping purposes).

DashVapes has discontinued selling D.I.Y products (other than Nicotine base). You can find flavoring, VG, and PG at www.flvrs.co, a non-vape-related store.

This does not affect Hardware (non-filled, refillable devices sold at DashVapes).

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