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Understanding How Vape Nicotine Levels Work
August 29th 2016
Understanding How Vape Nicotine Levels Work

Understanding Vape Nicotine Strengths

As a starter, there is so much to know about E Cigarettes, E-Juice and its components. Arguably the most important factor to the success of somebody keeping up with Vaping is if they are getting the satisfaction they once were from cigarettes. This all depends on the strength of your e-liquid; or Vape Nicotine.


E-Juice is always measured in mg/mL (milligrams per millilitre). This measurement tells you how much nicotine you are getting per 1mL you vape.

Usually, when discussing E-Juice or E-Liquid, you wouldn't mention the /mL part - you would just call it "3mg".

Previously, devices were primitive and couldn't deliver the power necessary for your body to absorb as much nicotine as possible from the liquids you vape; not anymore.

E-Juice comes in many different strengths depending on the strengths the Manufacturer wants to make available. At DashVapes, we co-package all of the liquids we sell, which means we can customize them to any strengths you want

Which Strength is Right for Me?

If you've previously used products that contain nicotine (cigarettes, patch, gum, etc) - You should have a better understanding on how nicotine works and how much of it you are getting before you are able to accurately predict how much Vape Nicotine you would need.

Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin (trans-dermal nicotine patch), or in the mouth (such as chewing tobacco or nicotine gum) or through the lungs by inhalation. Inhalation provides the fastest effect on your body.


Cigarette companies add nicotine and other chemicals to cigarettes, which make it much more addicting than nicotine on its own. Cigarettes also come in different sizes, so it's hard to say what a standard amount of nicotine per cigarette would be. Typically, Cigarettes range from 4mg-14mg in nicotine content depending on the manufacturer.

You can find an article on Nicotine Content of Domestic Cigarettes in the US from the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institues of Health

Chewing Tobacco / Snuff

Nicotine absorbed orally delivers a slower spike of nicotine in your bloodstream, over a longer period of time compared to smoking.

Vaping / Vape Nicotine

0mg/mL Nicotine

This means that there is no vape nicotine in your E-Liquid.

Zero nicotine levels are usually ordered by people who have quit smoking but still have an oral fixation and use an electronic cigarette to satisfy it, or by people that never smoked and want to pick up vaping for other uses.

1.5-3mg/mL Nicotine 

This level of nicotine is the lightest level offered.

For people who wish to enjoy the smallest possible nicotine level while still enjoying a full E-liquid taste.

This is commonly the last level in "stepping."

6mg/mL Nicotine 

This level of nicotine used to be the lightest, but with innovation on devices; nicotine gets delivered much more effectively reducing the need for stronger vape nicotine strengths.

This strength depends on how much nicotine you currently consume and what device you are using.

If you are using a sub-ohm tank such as a Aspire Cleito Tank⁠, Kanger Toptank Mini⁠, or Uwell Crown II Tank⁠, - A pack a day smoker can easily start at this level and be successful.

12mg/mL Nicotine 

The higher end of the spectrum, 12mg/ml is a comfortable level for people who long for the throat hit nicotine delivers.

If you use something similar to an Aspire ET-S Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Glassomizer⁠ - This nicotine level, or even 18mg would be better for somebody who smoked a pack a day.

18mg/ml Nicotine 

This is the middle of the road in terms of nicotine.

Most vapers who were former smokers enjoy this level because it delivers the perfect amount of nicotine in each vape. If you use a Sub-ohm tank like described in the 6mg step, we would not recommend this level.

Higher than 18mg/mL

Some E-liquid is offered in 24mg, or even 36mg - These days, that kind of nicotine content is too high based on the devices we use to deliver them, although extremely heavy smokers may need something in this group to successfully switch over.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us! :)

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