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DashVapes is extending warranty on its products to 90 days
August 18th 2022 | Revised August 20th 2022
DashVapes is extending warranty on its products to 90 days

We continuously strive to offer best-in-class service to our customers. With that mission in mind, we have chosen to adjust our existing warranty policy.

In the past, eligible items were covered under warranty for 30-days as part of your purchase, with the option to extend coverage to 90-days for $5.00.

This is changing. Effective immediately and applying to all past, current, or future orders, the default warranty period will cover you for 90-days instead of 30 days.

You will have the option to extend the 90-day warranty to 180-days for $5.00 on eligible purchases.

For full details, visit our Return Policy

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