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DashVapes Richmond Hill is Closed
May 20th 2020 | Revised May 20th 2020
DashVapes Richmond Hill is Closed
With some minor sadness, the original DashVapes store will be relocated to a surrounding area. 

We've had a lovely 6 years at this location, but the landlord proposed a 25% increase for renewal (during a global pandemic) - and after being a model tenant for 6 years,  out of principle, we have decided to sever our ties with this kind of savagery.

We've wanted to refurbish the look of the store anyway, and with this opportunity decided to invest the leasehold improvements in a new unit instead.

Please stay tuned for updates on where the store will be relocating to.

Existing Richmond Hill customers can continue to shop at DashVapes Markham or DashVapes Vaughan, and will, of course, be able to continue shopping with us online at dashvapes.com

If you have any questions please let us know 
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