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Contactless Curbside Pick-up
April 16th 2020 | Revised January 15th 2021
Contactless Curbside Pick-up

Our new contactless pick-up system provides a safe and convenient way for you to get your orders the same day. 

All DashVapes locations now have a set of digital lockers located out in front of each location.

Placing an order for contactless locker pickup is easy, simply complete an order on our website as you normally would, and choose Contactless Pick-up for your delivery type. 

You can also place your order over the phone by calling your local DashVapes, or by calling 1-866-996-DASH (3274) option 2.

One very important note is to confirm everything that you’re looking for is in stock for the location where the locker is located. If an item is out of stock, the order may be delayed. 

Upon checkout, you will see an option for Contactless pick-up. Once you click continue, you will be able to choose which DashVapes location you would like to pick up your order from.

Once you choose your location, you'll be able to pick a time window for your locker delivery. This is to ensure only 1 person is using the lockers at a time. 

Once your order gets processed, you will receive a text message and an email 5-10 minutes before your scheduled locker delivery with your assigned locker number and the code to get into the locker. To receive your order, head over to the locker and look for your assigned locker number - (It's important to make sure you only go to the locker during the chosen time window). Then, using the number pad, you can input your code by pushing the "C" button, then the 4 digit code and then press the "key" button. 

Each locker gets fully sanitized after every delivery to ensure customer safety. 

If you have any trouble during the process, you can simply reply to the original text message and we will promptly get back to you! 

If you miss your delivery window, please let us know so we can co-ordinate the pick up with you.

If you have absolutely any questions, feel free to contact us!

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