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Clean Coil Co

Clean Coil Co. claptons are a single strand of 26g kanthal wrapped in 34g kanthal, 2.5mm ID. Dual coil resistance around .38Ω, these are perfect for lower wattage devices, and will also fit nicely into most RTA's for your tanking convenience!

Fused Clapton

Clean Coil Co. fused claptons are 2 lengths of 26g kanthal fused with 36g Nichrome 80, and hand wrapped over 2.5mm. Single coil resistance is around .36Ω and dual around .18Ω, depending on leg length. Fused claptons deliver the perfect ratio of flavour and vapor for most users vaping in the 80+W range. With 4 in each jar for $14.99, these are the best value fused claptons around!

Framed Staple

These masterfully made coils consist of 6 strands of .5mm x .1mm kanthal ribbon sandwiched vertically between 2 strands of 28g kanthal, wrapped up in 40g Nichrome 80. Framed staples deliver the utmost in flavour, ribbon wire brings out the depth of your juice, and with such a wide surface area these puppies produce major clouds. Resistance on a dual set up is 0.1 flat to decrease ramp up time.

Stainless Fused Clapton

Made from surgical grade 317L stainless steel, these coils produce some of the cleanest flavour you'll ever vape. 317L steel works on both power and temperature control modes. Coil specs are 2 strands of 26g wrapped in 36g, 6 wraps over 3mm, .12Ω dual.

***DISCLAIMER*** For Advanced Vapers ONLY

Framed Staple and Fused Stainless Steel Coils come TWO (2) in a box

Clapton and Fused Clapton coils come FOUR (4) in a box

When purchasing these coils you understand the basic knowledge of battery safety and are experienced in building coils. We are not liable for any damage caused to your device.
Clean Coil Co Coils
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