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Discover an extensive array of the latest and finest disposable vapes and disposable e-cigarettes available at DashVapes. As a frontrunner in the electronic cigarette industry in Canada, we take immense pride in presenting you with a diverse range of cutting-edge options to enhance your vaping experience.

Our commitment to authenticity is unwavering — every item you choose from our selection is 100% genuine, ensuring a premium vaping encounter you can trust. Furthermore, our dedication to affordability ensures that you not only access the highest quality products but also benefit from the best possible prices in the market. At DashVapes, we are more than just a retailer; we are your partners in achieving the ultimate vaping satisfaction. Embrace the innovation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that define DashVapes as your ultimate destination.
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DESCRIPTIONThe Vice 2500 Disposable Vape brings the best flavour and value. With 2500 puffs, an integrated 1.2 ohm mesh coil, and an intelligent chipset, you’ll find even greater value in the Vice platform!The Vice 2500 Disposable Vape is an all-in-one ready-to-vape nicotine delivery system intuitively designed to be disposed of once empty. It features a lightweight, compact design with over-inhale protection to guarantee smooth and flavorful draws.The VICE Disposable Vape Pen comes in 20mg nicotine strength, is fully charged out of the box, and activates on draw. The Vice Disposable fits in your palm, is portable, and is convenient to use. It comes with 6 mL of e-liquid and a 1000 mAh battery capacity that will last much longer. PRODUCT FEATURESBattery Capacity: 1000mAhE-Liquid Capacity: 6mLNicotine Strength: 20mg/mL (2%)Up to 2500 PuffsPACKAGE CONTENTS1 Vice 2500 DisposableThe Vice 2500 6mL Disposable Vape is an innovation in vaping technology that will revolutionize how you approach the world of disposable vapes. If you’ve ever searched for a “Vice disposable vape review,” you already know that the Vice disposable vape has set a high bar. Designed for both the avid vaper and the casual user, the Vice 2500 offers strong performance and a design that catches the eye.Long-Lasting BatterySay goodbye to the hassle of frequent recharging. With a robust 1000mAh battery capacity, the Vice 2500 eliminates that concern by promising endurance that is second to none. Whether you’re out for an adventure or at a social gathering, your Vice disposable vaping experience will keep pace with you.USB-C Charging PortIf you ever wondered how to recharge Vice disposable vape, just use any standard USB-C cable. Connect the USB-C cable to both the device and an available power source, then wait for the battery to attain full capacity. Once fully charged, you’re ready to relish your chosen flavour through uninterrupted puffs!Generous E-Liquid CapacityThe Vice 2500 answers the call for a disposable vape with ample e-liquid. With a generous 6 mL e-liquid capacity, you can enjoy many Vice disposable vape flavours for an extended period, making it a highly cost-effective option.Optimal Nicotine StrengthFor those wondering about the punch it packs, this Vice disposable carries a nicotine strength of 20mg/mL (2%), striking that perfect balance of satisfaction and smoothness. Perfect for those who enjoy a robust vaping experience without the overwhelming harshness.Up to 2500 PuffsWhen it comes to longevity, Vice disposables set the bar high. Offering up to 2,500 puffs, the Vice 2500 ensures that you get more than just a fleeting experience. It’s a game-changer, setting a new standard for disposable vapes. A Variety of FlavoursIndulge in a sensorial journey with the Vice 5500 vape, offering an array of exquisite flavours like Banana Ice, Grape Ice, Mint, Peach Ice, and Strawberry Ice. These Vice disposable vape flavours promise to elevate each puff into a unique experience of taste and aroma.Package ContentsYour Vice 2500 package epitomizes convenience and simplicity. Each package contains one Vice 2500 disposable vape, fully charged and pre-filled with high-quality e-liquid. It’s ready to use right out of the box—no set-up, no mess, and no complications. While some may be interested in Vice mini disposable options, the Vice 2500 is the perfect lifestyle choice for those who desire more. It offers the kind of longevity, convenience, and performance that are hard to find in today’s saturated market. It’s not just another disposable vape; it’s a Vice disposable, designed to elevate your vaping experience to new heights.So why settle for a mediocre vaping experience when you can opt for something exceptional? Whether you’re a seasoned vaper looking to simplify your routine or a newcomer wondering, “Where do I get a Vice disposable vape near me?” the Vice 2500 is your answer. Experience vaping as it should be—effortless, enjoyable, and downright exhilarating.The Vice 2500 6mL Disposable Vape is the smart choice for those who seek a harmonious blend of longevity, performance, and convenience. Join the revolution that is setting new standards in disposable vaping technology. Order yours today—you won’t be disappointed. Vice 2500 6mL Disposable Vape
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Disposable vapes possess a range of attributes that contribute to their enduring appeal for a specific segment of users. Below are some of the benefits that make them a popular choice.

Hassle-Free Experience

The ease of use is frequently cited as a benefit, but what is often less discussed is how this can reduce the barrier to entry for people who are new to vaping or for those who are seeking to transition from smoking traditional cigarettes. Learning about coil resistance, battery safety, and e-liquid ratios can be intimidating for newcomers. A disposable vape removes these complexities, offering a simplified user experience that might encourage smokers to switch to a method considered by some to be less harmful.


With a disposable vape, there's uniformity in taste and vapour production throughout the lifespan of the device until it runs out. This contrasts with refillable units, where the coil's performance may degrade over time, impacting flavour and vapour production. This consistency is appealing to users who value a consistent experience.

Low Commitment and Experimentation

Because they are relatively inexpensive compared to high-end reusable vapes, a disposable vape allows users to experiment with different flavours and nicotine strengths at more affordable prices. If you are curious about the world of vaping, being able to try it without committing to an expensive device can be an advantage.

Social and Cultural Dimensions

Vaping is not just a matter of nicotine consumption; it has social and cultural implications for a lot of people. A disposable vape is easy to share and offers a level of discretion that can be appealing in social settings. Their small size and lack of emitted odour compared to traditional cigarettes make them less intrusive in group settings.


The compact size and lack of additional accessories like e-liquid bottles and charging cables make the disposable vape highly portable and ideal for situations where carrying additional equipment would be impractical.

Aesthetic Appeal

Though often overlooked, the design and aesthetic of a disposable vape can also be a draw. The sleek, minimalistic designs and a wide array of colours appeal to users who value the visual and tactile aspects of the products they use.

No Maintenance Costs

With no need for coil replacements, e-liquid refills, or battery replacements, a disposable vape's ongoing maintenance cost and effort are virtually nonexistent. This can be a strong selling point for those who prioritize simplicity and ease.

Built-In Control with Limited Use

The fact that disposable vapes are designed to run out can actually be a plus. Knowing you've got a limited number of puffs can help you keep track and maybe even encourage you to use them more responsibly. It's like having a built-in moderation tool that some users might find helpful.

Experience the epitome of vaping convenience with DashVapes — the one-stop destination for the best disposable vape selections on the market. Whether you're new to vaping or looking for a reliable, hassle-free option, our curated collection promises to deliver an unparalleled experience. Recognized for offering the best disposable vape Canada has to offer, DashVapes ensures quality, consistency, and flavours that delight the senses. Should you ask yourself, "Where are the disposable vapes near me?" remember that DashVapes has multiple locations and a robust online store to serve you better, making it easier than ever to get your hands on the premium vaping experience you deserve.
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