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Each spool is 30 ft long

The finest quality A1 Kanthal resistance heating wire money can buy. Vapowire is the industry's leading supplier of resistance wire for the rebuildable electronic cigarette market. Vapowire's Kanthal A1 wire comes in a variety of sizes, lengths, and styles. 100% Made in the USA. Spools are 100% machine wound and come conveniently packaged for storage. Their production process ensures that the presence of contaminants typically resulting from manual handling and spooling are kept to a minimum - ensuring maximum wire life and the highest quality vaping experience.

Kanthal A-1 wire is known to be the prefered type of heating wire for rebuildable atomizers. Kanthal is recognized for it’s performance which brings out the complexity of the flavors in the e-liquid it vaporizes.

Kanthal flat ribbon wires produces more vapor due to the greater surface area per volume than traditional round wire, which is the same reason why our stove in our homes have flat tops. The advantage to flat wire is simply that there is a greater contact area between the heating source and the source being heated. Flat wire is also known to eliminate hot spots in your coil which will require less adjustments to the coil once it is wrapped.

Available Wires:


- 0.4mm x 0.1mm
- 0.5mm x 0.1mm
- 0.6mm x 0.1mm
- 0.8mm x 0.1mm

Round vs. Flat Ribbon Kanthal

Flat ribbon wire has more surface area for a given volume compared to round wire.

Regardless of what vaping methods you use (such as drip tips, tanks, and bottom feeders), all personal vaporizers (PVs) require a heating system. Since ribbon Kanthal is used to convert electrical power from the battery into heat for vaporizing e-Juice, it can be used for modding any PV with a rebuildable atomizer.

Thickness x WidthFeet per PoundResistance (Ohms/ft. @ 68°F)Equivalent Round wireMillimetersInchesAWGOhms/ft. @ 68°F0.4 x 0.10.0157 x 0.004561811.43421.10.5 x 0.10.0197 x 0.00444449.23213.10.6 x 0.10.0236 x 0.00436907.68308.360.8 x 0.10.0315 x 0.00428094.79296.55----285.27----263.31----242.07----221.31----200.817
Vapowire A-1 Kanthal Flat Resistance Wire
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