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COVID-19 fullfillment procedure updates
April 3rd 2020 | Revised April 3rd 2020
COVID-19 fullfillment procedure updates

Keeping our employees, and our customers safe is our #1 priority.

DashVapes continues to ship and fulfill all online orders, with no delays.

We've implemented some precautionary measures to ensure your packages safely leave our facility during this pandemic.

Every one of our fulfillment staff is wearing industrial protective coveralls, a surgical face mask to trap germs, and nitrile gloves.

We aren't taking any chances, and have set up procedures that ensure that our staff that are handling your products are never coming in direct contact with these products.

We've limited the number of employees working each shift to promote physical distancing, and have closed our facilities to anyone that isn't on-shift.

Typically, there are only 3 people working a 2,000 square-foot lab, and 3 people working an 8,000 square foot shipping and receiving area, at any given time.

We hope you stay safe during these difficult times, and we'll always be there for you when you need us.

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