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Free Same-Day Vape Delivery!
February 3rd 2021 | Revised July 29th 2023
Free Same-Day Vape Delivery!

In the past several months, we've been working on our same-day delivery infrastructure by expanding our delivery zones. Our new same-day delivery system is called Weels. If you're in the Greater Toronto Area and placed an order online - you've probably already received a delivery using Weels!

For the past few months, we've been expanding our delivery zones and perfecting our infrastructure.

We're happy to announce that starting immediately, same-day delivery will be completely free on all orders over $35 - the same as our other shipping options.

 Benefits of Free Same-Day Vape Delivery

Free same-day delivery of your vape products takes your experience to the next level. Enjoy other benefits, including:

Rapid Delivery - With Free Same-Day Delivery, you can experience the thrill of receiving your vaping products the same day you place your order. Say goodbye to waiting for days or weeks and indulge in immediate gratification.

Instant Enjoyment - Whether you need a new e-liquid flavour or a replacement device, Free Same-Day Delivery ensures that your vaping essentials are swiftly delivered to your doorstep. Dive into your favourite flavours and enjoy your vaping experience without unnecessary delays.

Effortless Shopping Experience - By opting for Free Same-Day Delivery, you can conveniently browse and select your desired vaping products from the comfort of your home—no need to visit physical stores or navigate crowded aisles. Simply order online and let us take care of the rest.

Time Savings - With our Free Same-Day Delivery service, you save valuable time. Avoid traffic, long lines, and the hassle of going out to buy your vaping supplies. Instead, focus on what matters most to you while we swiftly deliver your products to your preferred location.

Complimentary Service - Free Same-Day Delivery is designed to provide exceptional value to our customers. Enjoy the convenience of same-day delivery without any additional charges. We believe in offering an enhanced experience without compromising on affordability.

Eliminate Shipping Costs - By choosing Free Same-Day Delivery, you can bypass shipping fees typically associated with expedited or same-day delivery services. This allows you to maximize your savings while enjoying the speed and convenience of immediate delivery.

 How Free Same-Day Vape Deliver Works

The cut-off for your order for same-day delivery is 11:30 AM, and your order will be delivered by 8 PM. You will receive an SMS with the ability to track your delivery driver.

Your driver will not release the package without ID. The driver must match the date of birth entered on your order to the date of birth listed on your ID.

Embrace the convenience of receiving your vaping essentials the same day you order them, allowing you to indulge in your passion without delay. Shop online and enjoy the convenience that DashVapes offers by delivering your vaping happiness straight to your door.

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