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Are you looking to buy a JUUL in Canada?

The JUUL Starter Kit has taken the vaping industry by storm. It delivers a smooth, and satisfying vape in a compact package.

However, This day and age, there are some much better options available.
  • JUUL has less than 10 flavours available
    • With the options listed below, you can use our entire e-juice catalog, so you can be sure to find a flavour that works well for you.
  • Expensive, and overhyped
    • When comparing the JUUL to open systems, The equivalent of 1 30mL bottle of e-liquid (~ $14.99) ends up costing $270 in JUUL Pods! There's much cheaper and more readily available options that you can get!
  • JUUL pods are a whopping 59mg of nicotine
    • If you're looking to switch from smoking tobacco, nicotine level is probably the most important factor. Too strong and you'll give up, and too weak and you won't be satisfied. The JUUL Pods are for the most part much stronger than what a pack-a-day smoker is used to. Choose the exact nicotine strength you want for your liquids with the options below, and you can be sure to raise your chance of success dramatically.
  • JUUL pods are non-refillable, and expensive!
    • Many people turn to vaping due to the cost savings they experience compared to smoking tobacco. Each JUUL pod contains 0.7mL of e-liquid, and it costs ~ $25 for a pack of 4. That's $25 for 2.8mL of e-liquid! Compare that to $19.99 for a 60mL bottle of e-juice that you can use to refill the devices listed below, and your cost savings are through the roof!

Open Systems are MUCH better

There's a reason that Canada's largest vape store doesn't sell the JUUL, there are better and more affordable options available. Forget about spending nearly $270 on 30mL of e-juice with the JUUL. Using an open system, you can swap out your flavours whenever you want, at a fraction of the price. Our unparalleled selection of nicotine salt e-liquid will perform as well or better than the Juul pods if you use them in the devices we recommend below!

If you were looking to use the JUUL for an alternative to smoking, we have an even better option! Start Your Journey is a promotion where you can get a free starter kit on your first order, and both devices available for the promotion are in our opinion, superior to the JUUL.
Best Alternatives to the JUUL
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