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What is Vapers Tongue?
December 10th, 2017

Vapers Tongue is where you have your go-to flavour and you vape it... you know… a bunch, and over a period of time. All of a sudden you’re not able to taste the flavour and it tastes very muted, or you really can’t taste anything.  

Now there are a few reasons why this happens, and we’re going to cover that. But we’re also going to cover a couple of ways you can prevent it. 

There are a few different theories around as to people get vapers tongue, but the most common one would be just vaping the same flavour over and over again. Your sense of smell plays a huge part in the tasting. Which is why sometimes you kinda plug your nose if you’re about to eat anything gross. Now if you can’t smell; your taste buds have a hard time figuring out what’s going on, and because you’re around a certain smell so often, your brain gets used to it, and just ignores a smell as a whole. Which is why sometimes, you know if you go into someone else’s house and their house has that distinct smell.  To you it’s brand new but to the person that’s been living there, they just think it’s nothing.  

Now one thing I personally do to prevent Vapers Tongue is I have 2 go-to flavours, and every 2 days or so I’ll actually swap between flavours. So say for example I have a strawberry cream and a blueberry pound cake. I’ll vape the strawberry cream for about 2 days straight, and after that, I’ll actually clean out my tank and swap over to the new flavour. That way every 2 days or so a new flavour will essentially be refreshing my palate.

Now another method to prevent Vapers Tongue, or get rid of it - and a lot of vapers actually swear by this it’s inhaling fresh coffee beans. I’ve been to a couple of shops, where right next to the sampling bar there’s actually a full jar of just coffee beans. You’re supposed to do is take a whiff of fresh coffee beans and that's supposed to cleanse your palate. Funny enough professional wine tasters and professional perfume samplers actually use this method in between sampling to again cleanse their palate. So if it works for wine and perfume, it should work for vaping. I haven’t tested this method myself, but a lot of people do swear by it. So if you have a bag of fresh coffee beans lying around, that might just be your cure to Vapers Tongue.

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