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Is It Better to Build Coils?
January 9th, 2018

Rebuilding and RDAs have been a staple in the vaping industry since the beginning. When vaping first started, really the only way to get billows of vapour or tons of flavour would be from building your own coils. Over the years tanks started producing more vapour and flavour but still haven’t gotten to where rebuildables have gotten today. The main reason being is that RDA’s have a much more direct delivery. Meaning that when you are vaping on an RDA or a rebuildable dripping atomizer you’re essentially right on top of the coils. And there is a minimal path to disperse the flavour and vapour.

Another benefit of a rebuildable is that you can really build a coil that caters to you. For example say if you have a mod that only goes up to 60 watts, you can build a coil that will perform great at 60 watts, or you can build a coil that produces billows of vapour at 140 watts. It’s really up to you.

You can also save a little bit of money using rebuildables. By this I mean when you’re using a tank you’re going to have to go out and buy a replacement coil. A pack of coils can range anywhere from $15 to $20. Now, with rebuildables the only thing really burning out in a coil is the cotton. 

What I usually do with my rebuildable is that I’ll usually have a coil sitting in the deck for maybe about two months or so, and every time that I find that it's getting kind of gunky or burning out I’ll essentially just remove the cotton, burn off the remaining juice and re-wick. And after that, it's essentially like a brand new coil.  And a pack of cotton can range anywhere from $4 to $7 and that could last you at least a few months.

A downside to rebuilding is that it is much more tedious than a pre-built tank. Meaning that again when your coil burns out in a tank, all you have to do is replace the coil.  With a rebuildable, because you’re installing the coils yourself there’s much more room for error. For example, if your coils are shorting out or if they’re not heating up evenly. But luckily with how our days have progressed they’ve gotten much easier in terms of installing coils. 

All in all, if you’re the kind of vaper that wants a very easy and straightforward setup and you’re completely content with pre-built coils then maybe rebuilding isn’t for you. But if you’re the kind of vaper that loves to tinker around with settings and is still looking for that perfect vape and don’t mind rebuilding every once in a while then I’d say you should give rebuildables a shot. 

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