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What is Popcorn Lung?
April 3rd, 2018

Hey, how is it going guys? Dave here from DashVapes again, and today we will be talking about Diacetyl and the ever so popular, Popcorn lung debate.

Alright, so this is a video that has been widely requested; probably because it is one of the most popular anti-vaping topics. So to kick off this video, why don't we start off with what Diacetyl is.

Diacetyl is an essential flavour compound found in a variety of foods. Now; in terms of flavour - Diacetyl is what gives you that buttery flavour, and is used extensively in the flavouring industry, as well as the manufacturing of e-juice. 

Eating it doesn't impose any harm, but what about inhaling it? Back in 2002, the CDC documented 8 cases of an irreversible lung disease in a popcorn factory in Missouri. This lung disease is called Bronchiolitis Obliterans, also known as Popcorn Lung.

These factory workers inhaled a massive amount of Diacetyl as it's one of the main ingredients in buttered popcorn. This sparked outrage as hundreds of lawsuits started to flood in. Ultimately, Diacetyl was cut from the manufacturing process entirely.

This all sounds absolutely terrible, but how does that affect us vapers?

We all know how big of an impact dessert flavours made in the industry. Almost every brand of e-juice has a dessert flavour in their lineup; and yes, some of these flavours have traces of diacetyl in them.

We also have to take into consideration that the level of exposure matters. The popcorn plant workers experienced much higher levels of vaporized diacetyl than anyone would get out of a vape. Even cigarette smoke contains diacetyl levels more than 100 times than that of any e-liquid. 

This is a crucial piece of information because even though there are more than 100 times in cigarette smoke than in a vape, there is never been a diagnosed case of popcorn lung in a smoker. This doesn't mean it's impossible for vapers or even smokers to get popcorn lung from inhaling diacetyl, but from the extensive research that we have today, it hasn't happened and probably means that it isn't likely. 

That doesn't stop people from hopping on the popcorn lung train, making it one of the most popular anti-vaping topics. That being said, someone by the name of Sean, posted a comment to our last YouTube video, with a link that leads to a pretty crazy website.

It's pretty much one of the most blatant anti-vaping websites I've ever seen and read through some of the things they have on it is pretty hilarious. (If you want a laugh, visit

What are your thoughts on Diacetyl? Do you try to vape e-juices that don't contain any traces of diacetyl? or do you really not care about? Leave a comment below and let us know, we'd love to know!

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