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Is Nicotine Harmful with Vaping?
March 13th, 2018

Today's topic is nicotine. Before I dive into it let’s talk about what it is, and what it isn’t.

A lot of people have the idea that nicotine causes serious illness and diseases, but that’s actually not the case. Now, what does cause these diseases is the tar and the toxins that get released when you burn tobacco. 

Now, the main difference between nicotine from a cigarette and nicotine from a vape is that there is no combustion in vaping. Essentially, this means you’re not going to get any of those harmful chemicals that you would from a cigarette. Now, where nicotine could play a role in your body is its addictive traits. Now nicotine is a mild stimulant very similar to caffeine. When nicotine enters your body it binds to receptors in your brain and releases dopamine. In short, it almost gives you a relaxed feeling. Nicotine actually boasts many benefits such as stress relief, improved focus, concentration and a plethora of other things.  

So now that we know how nicotine works and how it enters your body, this brings up the original question. Is it bad for you? While yes, it is addictive, there hasn’t been any scientific research linking nicotine to any serious illnesses or diseases. Now one thing to mention is that nicotine could be dangerous in extremely high doses. Like I’m talking about 500 milligrams per mL to 1000 milligram per mL, and that’s on the lower side. 

A typical bottle of e-juice could have anywhere from 1 milligram to 18 milligrams per millilitre. Now if you find yourself kinda getting nauseous while vaping. This could be a case of nicotine poisoning or “Nicing out”. If this does happen to you, put down the vape, grab a glass of water and try lowing nicotine strength.

What’s really nice about getting nicotine through a vape, is that you can actually control how much nicotine enters your body by purchasing different e-liquids in different strengths.

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