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5 Tips for Travelling with your Vape
February 27th, 2018

Today I’m going to be giving you some tips for turning your vacation into a VAPEcation. Alright so now that the weather is kinda warming up a bit, this is prime time to go out and do all your fun vacation things.  There are a few things to take into consideration when you are travelling with your vape, and hopefully, this will help make your vacation as smooth as possible.

So, first things first. I’d say wherever you are travelling to, I would do a bit of research and make sure vaping isn’t kind of banned in any way shape or form. I’ve heard some horror stories where people kind of show up to their destination and then all of a sudden their vape gets confiscated. So be sure that vaping is okay wherever you are going. 

If you have done your research and vaping is okay at your destination, next up would be packing all your essentials. So for most aircraft carriers, the most capacity you can bring in terms of liquid is about 100mL. Now I know many of our juices are sold in 120mL, but obviously, that’s not going to be okay. But we can do though is buy empty 60ml chubby gorilla bottles and disperse them between 2 bottles. That way it's under that 100mL limit.

[Editor’s notes: Keep in mind there is also a total limit for the number of bottles you can carry. There is a container limit as well as a total liquid limit. The limit for liquid containers is 100ml whereas the total limit for liquid is 1000mL. This would include your toothpaste mouthwash or cologne/perfume.]

Depending on how long you’re gone for, It might be smart to stock up on some coils. I usually like to bring more coils than I would usually need. Mostly because with coils you never really know how long that certain coil is going to last because some are better than others.

When packing your bags be sure all your items are in your carry-on. What I usually do is pack my liquid in the same bag as I would with my shampoos and whatnot. That way all of my liquids are in one spot and that it's easy to get to. 

Now another thing to keep in mind, especially with flying is that you want to empty your tanks before boarding your flight. I did make this mistake when we were actually flying out to Edmonton for CVE last year. I did not empty my tank and while we were on the flight I reached down to grab my laptop and EVERYTHING was soaked in juice. Because tank leaked everywhere. The reason why this happens is that the air pressure in a cabin is essentially going to pull all the liquid out of your tank. So be sure you do empty your tanks before boarding your flight.

Also If your device has removable batteries. You want to be sure that you put them in a battery case as some flights do require you to do this. You can pick up battery cases on our website which I will link in the description down below.  If your device has an internal battery it is a little bit easier all you really have to do is just turn off your device and you’re good to go.

And lastly, I’d say this would be one of the most important steps of travelling with your vape is… DO NOT VAPE ON YOUR PLANE. This can cause so many complications during the flight and you just want to be respectful to everyone around you.

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