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Aspire Breeze - The only device you need?
October 26th 2017 | Revised April 12th 2018
Aspire Breeze - The only device you need?

2017 started the era of compact devices that would make the transition over to vaping easier than ever before. 

With devices such as the Eleaf iCare and Wismec MyJet, compact all-in-one devices are a must-have for vapers of all experience levels. 

Aspire is a well-known company that has produced a plethora of products from tanks to mods, but now they’re here to take their step into the all-in-one market with the new Aspire Breeze.


In terms of design, the Breeze is definitely bigger than other devices in the same category. It sits in at 33mm in width and 93mm in height making it significantly bigger than the iCare or MyJet. It holds 2ml of juice and has a battery capacity of 650 Mah. Spec-wise, this is very similar to an iCare, so where do the extra size and weight play in? Right off the bat, you’ll notice a fire button on the front of the device. That’s because the Aspire breeze can be used by an automatic draw activator, like the iCare, or you can fire it using a button. 

But a button isn’t the only reason for the extra size. When I first set up the Breeze, I noticed that the coils are actually sub-ohm clocking in at 0.6 ohms. A compact all-in-one with a sub-ohm coil? I had to try it out. 


Setting up the device is a breeze (pun intended), it’s very similar to an iCare. The top cap pops off and there's a ridge that fits perfectly with the chimney. Screw in your coil, fill up to the max-fill line, and you’re good to go. 

Check out our video on setting up the Aspire Breeze here!

Aspire is introducing their new U-tech coils with the Aspire Breeze. I was a bit sceptical at first after the previous U-tech coils on the Nautilus X. But everything about these coils outperforms the Nautilus X version. I’ve been using the same coil for about 4 days now and there’s no sign of it giving up anytime soon.

  How does it vape?

My first thought after my initial vape with the breeze was that this definitely outputs more than an iCare. Vapour and flavour are definitely more “full-feeling” in comparison. I usually vape 3mg in all my sub-ohm devices, but I had to fill my iCare with at least an 18mg to get a satisfying hit. The Aspire breeze, on the other hand, feels way more powerful and I dropped from 18mg to 10mg. But, the extra power comes at a cost. The 650 mah battery doesn’t last nearly as long as an iCare. I found that I had to charge up the breeze nearing the end of the day whereas the iCare can handle a full day no problem.  Also, I found I was filling the breeze more often than the iCare.

Another thing to note is that the bottom of the device isn’t exactly flat. Trying to balance the device standing up is possible, but you’re mainly gonna have it laying flat down when you’re not using it. Also, the top cap that they use to keep your mouthpiece lint-free sometimes takes the entire drip tip off with it, which might make it easier to lose.

The draw activation system works flawlessly where I found on the iCare, it tends to misfire. 


Aspire definitely hit a lot of checkmarks for a new compact all-in-one device to hit the market. Now, I guess the main question is “Should you buy one?”. Well, if you can look past the small quirks of the device such as the rounded bottom and the not-so-snug drip tip, then I would definitely recommend one. The iCare has been my go-to on-the-go device since the release date, and I think it’s time for me to put it on the shelf and replace it with something a bit newer.

Check out our video review here!

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