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Disposable Vapes

Reduce the waste.

30 single-use disposable vapes are equal to one refilable pod. Stop wasting your money, and help us stop throwing out single-use batteries.

Our Environmental Pledge.

Many have asked why DashVapes doesn't carry disposable vapes, seeing as they are so trendy.

First, and most important, is the high environmental cost of disposing of battery-powered plastic devices daily. We want to contribute to preserving the environment.

The simple fact is we'd rather make fewer sales (or even give those sales to our competitors) than contribute to such mindful waste. This will never change, and thus DashVapes would never carry a truly disposable vape.

Second, we feel the industry has shifted away from it's roots and we do our best to preserve the open-vapour products, and we're really damn good at providing support for these products.

Third, we strive to offer our customers a more affordable solution to traditional tobacco, and disposables usually end up costing MORE than cigarettes do.
  • Crazy, unnecessary waste
    • Rechargeable batteries are tossed away after a single day of use to end up in landfills and to pollute our planet.
  • Expensive, and overhyped
    • When comparing disposables to open systems, The equivalent of 1 30mL bottle of e-liquid (~ US$14.99) ends up costing over US$200.00 in diposable vapes! There's much cheaper and more readily available options that you can get!
  • Disposables are underpowered and underwhelming, and also unreliable
    • If you're looking to switch from smoking tobacco, nicotine level is probably the most important factor. Too strong and you'll give up, and too weak and you won't be satisfied. Disposables delivers such little power to the atomizer, that for many people, it isn't enough to satisfy them! Choose the exact nicotine strength you want for your liquids with the options below, and you can be sure to raise your chance of success dramatically.
  • Disposables are non-refillable, and expensive!
    • Many people turn to vaping due to the cost savings they experience compared to smoking tobacco. Each disposable contains between 1-2mL of e-liquid, and it costs ~ US$40.00 for a pack of 4. That's US$40.00 for 4-8mL of e-liquid! Compare that to US$19.99 for a 60mL bottle of e-juice that you can use to refill the devices listed below, and your cost savings are through the roof!

Disposables: New Zealand 's largest vape store recommends open systems.

There's a reason that New Zealand largest vape store doesn't sell disposables, there are better and more affordable options available that also do not contribute to extreme waste. Forget about spending nearly US$270.00 on 30mL of e-juice with disposables. Using an open system, you can swap out your flavours whenever you want, at a fraction of the price. Our unparalleled selection of nicotine salt e-liquid will perform better than the disposable vapes if you use them in the devices we recommend below!

FREE Starter Kit

If you were looking to use a disposable as an alternative to smoking, we have an even better option! Start Your Journey is a promotion where you can get a free starter kit on your first order, and the device is vastly superior to any disposable vape!

Refillable pods beat disposables

Refillable pods give you the flexibility to choose from tens of thousands of flavours. Refilling is as easy as popping off a cap and filling the pod.
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