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Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung Inhaling?
April 7th, 2018

Today we’re gonna be talking about Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) versus Direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales and which one suits you best.

There are a couple different ways to use your vape and it comes down to personal preference and the kind of tank that you are using.

Mouth-to-lung would be most similar to that of the inhale on a cigarette. Where you’d inhale into the mouth first and then inhale into the lungs.

Generally, Mouth-to-Lung devices won’t get you as much vapour as Direct-to-Lung devices. That being said it's the most familiar to a cigarette. So when people first start out vaping they will usually start with the Mouth-to-Lung device. 

Another thing to mention is because you aren’t getting as much vapour with a Mouth-to-Lung device, you will usually need to step up your nicotine a little bit. For example, I usually vape 3 milligrams in all my sub-ohm devices. But right now, I’m vaping a Nautilus 2 with 18 milligrams of nicotine just to get a really solid throat hit. 

Now the trade off with it is because you have more nicotine and there is less vapour you don’t go through juice nearly as much as you would with say a subtank or TFV8. And I would say if I’m ever going out anywhere, for example, walking out on the street or going to a bar or something like that, I would always bring a Mouth-to-Lung device with me because Mouth-to-Lung devices generally are more discreet than a Sub-ohm setup.

Personally, I don’t wanna be chucking clouds on the street, and you know… blowing clouds in someone’s face by accident. So usually I’ll bring a Mouth-to-Lung with me, inhale on it and then I’ll just let out similar vapour amounts that you would usually get from a cigarette.

Direct-to-Lung is where you see those giant clouds you get again from the TFV8, TFV12… Just big plumes of vapour. And the reason why you get more vapour from a Direct-to-Lung is that you are inhaling directly into your lungs, you are able to take in much more air that way. And Direct-to-Lung devices usually get a lot more flavour as well because again, there is more vapour. And another reason why you want to get into direct to lung vaping is if you are interested in doing any tricks of sorts, again because you have so much more vapour you have a lot more to play around with, you know to do different tricks and whatnot.

I would say I use my sub-ohm devices and my Mouth-to-Lung devices about 50/50 from one another. If I am looking for a big rush in nicotine I usually use my Mouth-to-Lung devices, because nicotine is so much higher in it. Also if I’m having a stressful day or anything like that, I like using a Mouth-to-Lung device because it really does mimic a cigarette in that sense.

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