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The Best Vape For The Best Clouds
September 1st 2016
The Best Vape For The Best Clouds

The Best Vape Cloud?

     Well, that is very subjective! The best cloud is the one that helps YOU make the switch!   

But if we are talking size.... Here are the best ways to get the BIGGEST VAPE CLOUDS!

First off, the device you use plays a huge factor. The higher the wattage you use, the bigger the vape clouds. Now where is all that power going? Well, the Atomizer! So for the biggest clouds you would want to lean more towards an RDA (Rebuildable Atomizer). An RDA Will give you the ability to customize your coil to get a lower resistance (ohms). All of this goes hand in hand with getting the biggest vape clouds!

Lastly, you need to pick the right juice!
For maximum cloud production you will want to choose a E-Juice With MAX VG. The Vegetable Glycerin is what creates thicker clouds. 

Show us what you use to CHUCK CLOUDS!

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