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DashVapes is Revolutionizing In-store Purchases
December 21st 2017 | Revised December 21st 2017
DashVapes is Revolutionizing In-store Purchases

We're always trying to push the envelope between technology and our consumers, and we utilize technology wherever we can to bridge that gap. We're happy to introduce our new In-store sampling program, as well as our In-store self-checkout program.

In-store Sampling Bar

Shopping at DashVapes is about to get much easier! (and more fun!) (This is currently available at our Markham location, and will be rolling out to other DashVapes locations by January 18th)

All of our flavours on the in-store sampling bar are linked with a location code that you can find on our website (desktop and mobile)

Create Your Sample List

We've also added the ability for you to create your own "Sample List" of flavours you're interested in trying out! 

Each e-liquid product page will have an "Add to Sample List" button, Add the products you are interested in sampling before going to your local DashVapes.

Once you get to the store, open up your Sample List and easily find the products you want to try on our bar! From there, anything you like can be added straight to your cart for self-checkout!

In-store Self Checkout

The most frequent feedback we get is that people HATE to wait, and we don't blame them.

We're excited to introduce our Self-Checkout available immediately at all DashVapes retail locations. 

  1. Navigate to on your mobile device (Public WiFi is available at every DashVapes location)
  2. Add any items you would like to purchase to your cart (as you would with an online order)
  3. Navigate to the checkout page and allow it to use your location
  4. The checkout page will instantly recognize the location you are in, and send your order straight to our backend. If it's E-Juice, the lab will immediately get the order and start working on it, without any staff intervention.
  5. A DashVapes associate will provide you with your order right away

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