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4 Tips for Replacing Coils in Your Vaporizer Pen or E-Cig
August 25th 2016
4 Tips for Replacing Coils in Your Vaporizer Pen or E-Cig

Tips For Changing the Coil In Your E-Cigarette

Vaporizer Pen, Personal Vape, E-Cigarette,  Atomizer, Tank - All these terms can be confusing; but don't worry - we can help

After a week with your new vape, maybe you've noticed that your vape doesn't taste the same as it did when you first got it. What do you do!?

Great question! This common scenario brings us to our first tip!

1. When Does My Vaporizer Pen Coil Need To Be Replaced?

Pictured Items: Joyetech Ultimo Sub Tank⁠, Joyetech Ultimo Replacement Coils

  • Your e-juice starts to taste "toasty".
  • Your vaporizer pen Isn't producing the same amount of vapor as it did before.
  • Your Atomizer or Tank starts to leak.
  • You start getting e-juice in your mouth (we call this spit-back).

These are all good indicators that your vaporizer pen coil needs to be changed.

You can purchase coils for your device at

2. How To Change Your Coil

Most vapes operate on the same coil concept, The coil is always removable and is located in the center of the tank.

We first have to identify whether your tank is a TOP FILL or a BOTTOM FILL.

This is important so you know how to approach the coil removing process. 

Top Fill:

These tanks must be empty before removing the coil. Once you remove the coil, there is nothing stopping the juice from pouring out of the air holes.

If your tank is full, you can always pour the juice from the tank back in the e-juice bottle.

Bottom Fill Tanks:

You are in luck! Whether your tank is full or empty, you can flip the tank upside down and remove the coil without any hassles! 

3. How To Make Your Coil Last

A coil is made up of Cotton and Wire, and when you fire your mod, the wire heats up and vaporizes the juice on the cotton. To increase the life span of your coil, it is important to prime it! Priming your coil means to put a couple drops right into the center of the coil prior to using it. Ensuring the cotton inside the coil is saturated is very important!

If your tank is a bottom fill tank, try touching the exposed wick holes with the juice dropper. 

It is always good practice to let your coil sit for a couple of minutes in your tank, just to be sure the e-juice has been absorbed into the cotton. 

4. How To Break In Your Coil

A new coil requires some break in time. It is important to know the recommended wattage range for your coil. Most often, this will be located on the actual coil (or check the box). 

You want to make sure your first pull is at a low wattage. I always recommend 10W for the first 2 pulls to start the juice flow through the wick holes. Next bump it up to the lowest recommended wattage and work up from there.

Other Helpful Tips!
  • Do not leave your vaporizer pen or e-cigarette in the car. 
    • it is bad for the battery and can cause your tank to leak.
  • Keep your vape in an upright position.
  • If you leave your vaporizer pen or e-cigarette on its side; it can cause e-juice to leak from the juice holes.


Happy Vaping! :D

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