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Minimal Harm Maximum Delivery
D.I.Y E-Juice Recipe | Created by Cory B. on October 11th, 2019 2:20PM - 456 View(s)
Best rational choice for lowest risk of harm yet maximal drug delivery* yet having some semblance with tobacco. Also, my wife hates the vapour lingering in air and is convinced it is worse that cigarettes (which she smokes outdoors). Stealth is also nice. You can smoke it in the hotel room, or in the airplane bathroom no problem. WARNING!!! *Nicotine Salt PG base/additive is based on 65mg/ml NOT 100mg/ml as per Canadian Regulations. This recipe must be used exactly as published to avoid nicotine toxicity.


Desired Batch Size: (mL)
Desired VG Ratio: (%)
Desired PG Ratio (%):
Nicotine Type:
Nicotine Concentration (mg/mL)
Desired Nicotine: (mg/mL)

Total Flavouring: 100.00%
Ideal VG %: 0%