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Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes - Which Saves You Money?
September 8th 2016
Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes - Which Saves You Money?

Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes

Which One Will Save You Money?

So lets start with Cigarettes

So lets say on average a Large pack of cigarettes (25 smokes) would cost you around $13. We can also assume that the average smoker will smoke about a pack a day. That works out to ~ $91 every week! INSANITY! 

That works out to ~ $390 per month on cigarettes.

But, what about Vaping?

Let's assume you purchase one of our most popular starter kits, the Joyetech eGo AiO⁠ - It's $24.99. (You can expect for it to reasonably last you about 9-12 months before it needs to be replaced. If you take care of your things, expect longer.) 

Joyetech eGo AiO⁠⁠

Let's also assume you purchase one of our most popular e-juice flavours, Nana Banana⁠ - It's $34.99 for a 120mL bottle. (You can expect 30mL to last you ~ a week, depending on how often you vape.) 

You will also need to purchase Replacement Coils - each coil will last you about a week as well, each pack has 5 coils, and that costs $14.99.

Your first month will cost you 

   $24.99 (Joyetech eGo AiO⁠) 

+ $34.99 (Nana Banana⁠) 

+ $14.99 (Replacement Coils

= $74.97

On your first month, you have already saved $315.03!

If you continue vaping Nana Banana⁠, and use one coil every week (let's assume one coil gives you trouble, so you have 1 month use out of a 5 pack of coils) - Your constant monthly expense is now only $49.98, for a total saving of $340.02 every month after your first.

Let's pro-rate this to a 1 year period.

In your first year, you will save an estimated $4,055.25, What would you spend that money on instead? Let us know in the comments =)

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