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Uwell Crown 3 Mini - Better than the original?
October 23rd 2017 | Revised October 23rd 2017
Uwell Crown 3 Mini - Better than the original?

Products tend to improve with each iteration. We're seeing bigger tanks that can handle higher wattages and new coil materials that are supposed to last longer. But Uwells new Crown 3 Mini proves that this isn't always the case.

Sometimes companies can take a few steps forwards, but even more backward.

Is this smaller package a worthy successor to a product that gained back their reputation?


The Crown 3 mini is Uwell's latest release following up their highly-acclaimed Crown 3. We reviewed the Crown 3 back in March and absolutely loved it for the excellent flavour backed with great vapour production and sleek aesthetics.

From a looks standpoint, it looks almost identical to the original. It sits in at 58mm by 22mm making it noticeably smaller than the original Crown 3.

The Crown 3 Mini even shares the same coil "plug" system and colour options from the original.

How does it vape? 

Things are looking pretty promising on the surface, so I was very anxious to prime up the coil and test it out. From a performance standpoint, the Crown 3 Mini is awesome. The airflow and flavour, all of it sit in the same ballpark as the original Crown 3. But, after a few initial puffs, you will notice that you're going to have to refill your tank. 

The Crown 3 Mini may share that same coil system as the original, but the tank capacity is cut to less than half of its predecessor. I can easily get through a full tank in under 20 minutes of constant use. Uwell combats this with a new 0.4-ohm kanthal coil that's rated at a lower wattage and a bubbled 4.5ml glass section. I did notice less juice consumption with the new coil and the flavour was still great. That being said, if you're looking for a tank to last you all day, you might have to look elsewhere. 

Oh, and that bubble glass? 

As it does add more than double of the original capacity, I personally feel that it completely kills the sleek aesthetic of the tank. Looks are very subjective, though.

Twisting off the top-fill ring will reveal the smaller-than-average fill holes. Filling with chubby gorilla bottles was fine, but a glass dropper did get a bit messy. You'll also notice that the Crown 3 Mini does not have the same locking feature that the original had. There were a few times that I went to unscrew the top-fill ring and ended up taking apart the entire tank which was pretty annoying.


With all this being said, you'd be hard-pressed picking this tank if you saw it next to the original Crown or even an Aspire Cleito Exo on the shelf. Now to be fair, the Crown 3 Mini is also the smallest of the 3. If we were comparing this to tanks of the same size, you really only have the Baby Beast by Smok competing against it.

I'd definitely choose this over a Baby Beast and if you have a mod that can only take 22mm atomizers and you aren't looking to rebuild, this may be the best choice on the market right now. That is if you don't mind carrying around a bottle of juice with you.

To watch our video review, click here!

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