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Troubleshoot Your Vape
September 15th 2016 | Revised October 24th 2017
Troubleshoot Your Vape

Top Three Vape Issues & How To Solve Them!

Number One: The Leaky Tank

Your tank is leaking e juice it can be very frustrating and it is important to notice it quick. In this situation the main concern is the potential of damaging the circuitry.

To solve this dilemma, first you will want to remove the tank from your device (if applicable).

Let’s say your experiencing this leak on your Uwell Crown II Tank⁠. 

First remove the base from the top piece and check to make sure the coil is not screwed in all the way. 

If the coil can be tightened this could solve your problem. Be sure you do not screw it on too tight as it can strip the threads. 

If the problem persists next check all the o-rings. This includes any on the coil as well. If any appear to be loose, folded or missing all together. This could also be the cause of the leaking. 

If this is the case, check to see if you have a spare parts kit in the box of the tank. If not, come down to any DashVapes and we might be able to help!

If both of the above seem to be fine, next you would want to examine the glass on the tank for any chips or cracks. Holding the tank under a light can help as it can be hard to see. If you find a hairline crack or any type of defect check in the product box for a replacement glass. If you have no luck there, again, go to your closest DashVapes and we will do our best to help you find one!

Lastly,if all else fails, the atomizer base might be to blame..

If the coil has been cross threaded, juice may be escaping through there. This can happen if it has been dropped or even from bouncing around in a back pack, purse or pocket. This might mean its time for a new tank.

Number Two: Atomizer Not Making A Connection

The most vital connection is the 510's on your Atomizers and your Mods. That's what makes the relationship work!

The most common is a floating 510 connection. The alternate kind are adjustable 510's which means you need a screwdriver to adjust them.

If your atomizer is not making a connection this could be because you need to adjust your 510 pin. You should be able to feel a little bit of resistance when screwing your atomizer down. This would mean they are making a connection.

Be sure not to over tighten your atomizer on your mod because this could damage the device and or the 510 connector.

Number Three: Mod Reading Atomizer Low

If your device is displaying the “Atomizer Low” message on the screen this could mean a couple of things.

Usually, this message is due to the resistance of your coil. The mod is telling you that the coils resistance is lower than the devices allowed resistance. You can find out what your device reads down to in their manual either in the box, or online. From there you can make sure your coils are at a resistance your mod can read.

So the quick fix would be to identify whether or not your mod and tank are compatible!

Lets say you are using the Aspire Cleito Tank⁠ with a .2 ohm coil on the IPV D2.

This mod in particular can only read down to .2 ohms. Because all coils are not perfect, the mod might not be able to read that coil.

Although the above is the most common reason behind this issue, the "Atomizer Low" message could also be due to a short in the coil, an inaccurate reading, a loose coil, a DOA (dead on arrival) coil or even a damaged 510 connection. If you have made sure your atomizer and mod are compatible and you are still getting this message then take the following steps to identify where the issue is stemming from.

First, try your atomizer on a different device. If it makes a connection then you can rule out the atomizer being at fault.

Next, try a different tank on your device. If this too works then you may have a atomizer and mod that just don't work together. This could be due to threading issues or the 510 not making connection. 

Of course if you are unable to troubleshoot with other tanks or devices, you are always able to come into any DashVapes and we can go through this with you!

Once you have identified the culprit, try cleaning out the connections with a little bit of alcohol on a cotton swab. Attempt to fire the mod. 

If you still don't have any luck, come visit us and we can try to resolve it the best we can. 

Be Sure To Check Our Warranty Page!

With vape devices being very personal devices, there are some restrictions as to what qualifies for a return. Please be sure to check out our Warranty page before heading to the store for a return. We try to be mindful of your time and would hate for you to make a trip for nothing!


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