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Product Safety Recall on DotBox 300W by DotMod
October 25th 2017 | Revised October 25th 2017
Product Safety Recall on DotBox 300W by DotMod




Defect: The DotBox 300W by DotMod does not contain necessary circuitry to prevent the device from over-discharging the Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) battery included inside the unit. 

Hazard: Idle devices discharge the included LiPo batteries to unsafe voltages instead of reducing the quiescent current draw as the battery voltage drops. Over-discharge causes the LiPo battery in these devices to puff or swell after as little as four months. While there is little energy left in the pack if it is puffed it is a lot easier for it to be physically damaged or pierced by the device it's in. This can release the organic solvents inside the cells, which are toxic. 

What to do: This is a voluntary recall on behalf of DashVapes, Inc. in Canada. If you purchased a DotMod DotBox 300W previously, please contact DotMod at Please provide your receipt. DotMod has offered to pay for the return label on your behalf. DotMod will issue a credit or replacement for your device. If you prefer, you may contact us directly at and we will assist you with the return or exchange. We advise all customers who have previously purchased a DotMod DotBox 300W to check their batteries to ensure that they are not swollen. If your device has been sitting for an extended period without being recharged, do not attempt to charge it.

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