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Kayfun Prime - The best Mouth-to-Lung tank. Ever.
October 21st 2017 | Revised October 22nd 2017
Kayfun Prime - The best Mouth-to-Lung tank. Ever.

It was just over a year ago that we put out a review and said that the Kayfun 5 was one of the best high-end tanks for phenomenal flavour in a beautifully crafted design. Now, where the Kayfun 5 fell short was that the die-hard mouth-to-lung vapers had to purchase a separate piece in order to get anywhere near a restrictive hit.But, because of the criticism that they got, they had to rethink what makes a kayfun... A kayfun.
Sometimes, you have to go back to your roots to really find what works, and what doesn’t. We put the Kayfun Prime through the test to see if this high-end tank still has what it takes to win over the die-hard Mouth-to-Lung vapers.


This tank has it all for any mouth-to-lung vaper. First off, let's start with design. This tank is absolutely gorgeous. From top to bottom, there are minute details that just screams class. From the stainless steel chassis to the borosilicate glass tank, they really put a lot of time and effort in designing this.

Each Kayfun Prime also comes with a stainless steel tank sleeve and each sleeve comes engraved with one of ten major Russian cities which is a really nice touch. Svoemesto is saying that there will be more sleeves from cities around the world coming soon.


Unscrewing the tank section will reveal the build deck. Now one thing to mention is this deck is quite small. Even though the build space was a little tight, we had no problems putting a 7 wrap 28gauge coil in here. All you have to do is screw down the post screws and the screws themselves act as a clamp, very reminiscent of past kayfun products.

When wicking this tank, gently place your cotton in the small well beneath the deck. We found that you want to use a little more cotton as if you don’t have enough in the well, the tank will gurgle when taking a hit.

How does it vape?

As we were putting the tank back together to fill it up, we then started to appreciate just how well machined everything is. The threads are buttery smooth and everything locks into place with a satisfying amount of resistance. 

To access your top fill, you have to fully close off your juice-flow by fulling turning the tank portion clockwise. This is so everytime you refill, it creates an air pocket to eliminates the chance of leaking and only feeds the perfect amount of liquid to your coil, and I gotta say. This is absolutely genius. Once snug, you can now unscrew your top-fill ring which will reveal a new fill port design. The kayfun 5 had a honeycomb design, where the kayfun prime now sports 3 slots to fill your juice.

Once we filled up the tank and had our first vape, this is when we were reminded of what made kayfuns so popular. The way the airflow hits the coils and the sound of the coil popping in the chamber all blend together perfectly and feel so satisfying with every puff we took. After a few puffs, we wanted to mess around with the airflow and the Kayfun has brought back their awesome airflow control ring. To adjust your airflow, just pull the ring up and that will reveal a hexagonal plate with small dots indicating your airflow setting. Just line up the airflow hole with the dot, pull down, and now you’re locked into that setting. Just as it was with the Kayfun 5, this is extremely smooth and machined very well.

The airflow ranges from 1mm to 2mm in diameter, and with 6 increments in between, you can really finetune and cater to how restrictive you want your vape to be. On the tightest setting, I find it is very restrictive, similar to an original nautilus on it’s tightest setting. On the wide-open setting, I’d compare it to an aspire breeze.

Now, because you’re not pushing crazy power through here and taking huge hauls off of it, the 2ml capacity can actually last you a pretty long time. I found that I could go through a full tank in about a day and a half of constant use. But if that wasn’t enough for you, there is also an extension kit that boosts your capacity all the way up to 4.5ml. One thing to mention is that this conversion kit is also compatible with your Kayfun 5.


To sum things up, I understand what Svoemesto is trying to do here. Take the classic kayfun ideology and blend it with modern technology. And I gotta say, they hit it out of the park with the Kayfun Prime. Now, that being said, this tank is not for everyone. For starters, the tank is priced much higher than other products on the market. It starts at $174.99 CAD, which is pretty expensive for a tank. Also, if you’re a die-hard cloud chaser, this is definitely not for you. But that’s not who Svoemesto is catering to. Who they are looking at are people that are looking for an extremely classy tank with phenomenal flavour and restrictive mouth-to-lung capabilities. We gotta say, hats off to you Svoemesto. We’re extremely excited to see what else is in store for the Kayfun.

Want a closer look at the Kayfun Prime? Click here to watch our full video review!

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