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Is Nicotine Deadly or Harmful?
August 17th 2016
Is Nicotine Deadly or Harmful?

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a compound found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae). 

Also considered the Potato Family! It can bind as well as acetylcholine to the acetylcholine receptor within the brain. 

Acetylcholine is the oldest neurotransmitter and acts throughout the body and brain on the autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system is essentially the hardware of our bodies. running in the background and maintaining essential bodily functions and stimulating the fight-or-flight response when needed. 

It’s possible that the difficulty in quitting smoking is directly related to that fact that acetylcholine’s effect on our bodies is so varied and ubiquitous. 

In moderation, nicotine’s effects are generally good. In small, therapeutic doses—an entire area of scientific study—nicotine can be used to promote well-being. However, from the standpoint of nicotine addiction, one cigarette is too many for some people. 

No doubt there have been times when the only reason you decide to have a smoke is because you have noticed you have not had a smoke in a while. Many times you can be pre-occupied with something else you have simply forgot to have a smoke. 

The reality is that nicotine is removed from the body pretty quickly, in fact a person is able to smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day without the body having too much trouble removing the poisons from your system. 

Within 2-3 days after stopping smoking the nicotine has been removed from your system and almost immediately the effects begin to reduce and are almost completely gone within a week or just a little longer. 

Usually you know it is time to have a smoke because you notice the ‘feeling’ or craving in your stomach and begin to feel agitated. The feeling is not that much different to a feeling of hunger. 

You have consistently throughout your life managed to avoid eating when hungry and have lived through the few minutes of someone's annoying car alarm. So the truth is, you can handle this situation, you always have before – just when it relates to smoking you have been convinced that somehow you can’t manage the slight 3 minutes of discomfort until the craving feeling subsides. 

If you're honest with yourself, the obvious answer to finding an alternative for smoking is to enhance your mental skills to combat what has become a habit. Vaping can become this alternative.

Over time your brain has changed its structure to maintain your belief that you are a smoker. One aspect of this is your subconscious mind, which does it’s best to provide for you answers to the types of questions you ask yourself and the types of beliefs you hold about who you are. 


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