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4 E-Cigarette Side Effects
September 9th 2016
4 E-Cigarette Side Effects

4 Normal E Cigarette Side Effects

So you started vaping! That's awesome! 

You may be experiencing some of these VERY COMMON Side Effects.

Number One: "Vapers Tongue"

That moment when you find a juice that you are in love with and vape it non stop, and then out of nowhere, you can't taste it anymore!

Don't worry! this is normal.This can be caused by:

  • Dry Mouth - Vaping can get you dehydrated; causing your mouth to be dry. Without saliva your taste buds don't work as well.
  • Stuffed Up Nose - Your nose plays a big part in your ability to taste, so if you have a cold or a plugged nose, your ability to taste will decrease.Try vaping a hardcore menthol such as Extreme Ice⁠ or Menthol⁠ to clear your sinuses!
  • Burnt Tongue - Did you drink something hot? Your tongue has many sections where it registers flavors. If they get "damaged" or hurt this will effect how you taste. 

    THE FIX: Switch up your flavours often, drink more water, try a minty flavor or wait for that cold to pass! We've also heard lemon juice helps!

Number Two: "The Advocate"

You may notice a burning desire to tell everyone VAPING ISN'T SMOKING (and you would be absolutely correct)!

This is normal. We urge you to fight for your right to vape! We also urge you to let friends and family know about your experience! Don't be that annoying person though. If you find people have walls up, try to bring them down slowly.

Here is a websites you can visit:  VAPOR ADVOCATES OF ONTARIO 

Number Three: Can Not Handle "The Stinkies"

After a couple of weeks or months of vaping; you may notice the smell of cigarettes (or "stinkies") makes you feel sick!

Some researchers have found that liking the smell of someone else's tobacco smoke isn't an indicator of a possible smoking relapse. In addition, any temptation from the smell of other people's tobacco smoke tends to decrease as time goes on. It commonly can turn into a very big dislike and when that begins to happen that means you are WINNING! 

Many times you may find the smell makes you stick to your stomach or even dizzy if you are surrounded by it. There is no science behind why this happens, it could just be our brains way of protecting us or because there are countless chemicals that out body is reacting to. 

THE FIX: Stay away from them! If they are your friends, directed them to your local DashVapes

Number Four: "The Return Of The Taste Buds"

Food, drinks, even the sweet smells of cooking are suddenly FILLING YOUR LIFE! 

Sometimes as little as a week is all it takes to have your taste buds back and in working order - You won't believe how much better food tastes! 

When smoking, you inhale certain harmful chemicals that act to dull your taste buds. In addition to this, you are exhaling the very same smoke and this further works against your senses. Those same chemicals confuse your ability to register proper scents or tastes. Once those chemicals are out of your life, your body will slowly repair itself!

THE FIX: Eat Your Favourite Foods and ENJOY!

What has been YOUR favourite side effect? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Vaping! 

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