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Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?
March 9th, 2018

This is a question that we get day in and day out. Before we do start, I do want to say that all prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). So don’t be too alarmed if the prices are a little higher than you’d think. 

This question is a little tough to answer because it is so subjective. In the sense that everyone’s needs and situations are a little different so in this case, I’m going to be speaking from my personal experience. When I was smoking, I was smoking about a pack a day. A pack of premium cigarettes in Ontario is about $15. If we do some simple math a pack a day for a month would equal up to $450. That’s like almost my rent. If we go on a yearly basis that’s about $5400. 

The reason why it’s kind of hard to believe that vaping will save you a bit of money is that the upfront cost is much more. For example, it’s much easier dropping $15 upfront than it is to say drop $70 upfront. Where vaping could potentially save you money is over the long haul compared to cigarettes.

So, let’s put this into perspective. Say you buy a starter kit for $25 and then buy a 60-millilitre bottle of e-juice for $20, that’s $45 upfront. This 60mL bottle in a starter setup could last up to 3 weeks to a month or even longer. Now do keep in mind that this is for a Mouth-to-Lung kind of starter setup, that just doesn’t chug juice.

[Editor’s notes: For more information on Mouth-to-lung devices versus Direct-to-Lung devices see our other video. ]

Let’s multiply that $20 by 12 for a full year. You’re looking at about $240. If we add in the cost of the original starter kit, we’re looking at about $265 for the year. But that being said that isn’t it. You would also need to purchase coils for your setup. Now prices for coils kind of range depending on what tank you have, but on average coils cost about $15 for a pack of 5. Generally, a coil can last you anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on usage so let’s just say a week to be safe. 

So $15 a month, for 12 months equals about $180. So $180 for the coils plus the $265 for the starter kit and the juice. We’re looking at about $445 for the year.

Now obviously everything that I just talked about should be taken with a grain of salt mainly because there are so many factors that could play into this ending price. For example, some juices are more expensive than others and as I said before some coils are more expensive than others. 

In the grand scheme of things, vaping can definitely save you money. Here’s the tricky part about vaping, a lot of vapers out there don’t just vape to get a nicotine fix. Most of the time vapers like to pick up new mods and tanks because it’s just fun. Maybe this new mod has some features that this one doesn’t, or this new tank produces billows of vapour and produces immense flavour. With all this being said though, it doesn’t matter what you’re vaping on as long you’re not smoking.

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